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Canning Jar Labels for Your Round Canning Jar Lids!


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"A Lotta Labels" Brings You Unique Round Canning Jar Lid Labels

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Canning jar labels that dress up your home canned goods, and other craft jar projects. No more scraping off old canning jar labels from your jars! Just apply our round labels to your canning jar lids, or to the bottom of your craft project jars! 

- Select from over 300 predesigned canning labels, 4 sizes and 11 different groups.  (Click here for label sizes)
- More designs than any other company.
- Personalization on many labels (first &/or last name, limited space, only $.99 cents per sheet extra)
- Add your own text to our blank border labels, only $1.49 per sheet.
- No minimum order, you can order only 1 sheet if you want.
- Personal service, we do all our own work, Made in the USA with Pride!.
- Speedy order processing, our goal is to ship your order within 2 business days!
- No one beats our shipping and handling!

If we don’t have what you want, we also specialize in custom labels for your canning or craft label needs. We do candle labels too!

We continuously add new designs!
Please check back frequently for new labels

Check out our FREE stuff
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Monthly recipes &/or canning tips

FREE shipping on orders of $50.00 or more (click here for our shipping policy)

With our labels you can:

1. Free up some of your valuable time
2. Customize and personalize your home canned food labels,
Personalization on many labels (first &/or last name, limited space, only $.99 cents per sheet extra)
Add your own text to our blank border labels, only $1.49 per sheet.
3. Impress family and friends with fun custom labels
4. Enjoy a wide selection of over 300 colorful gardening produce canning labels,
    in 4 sizes and 11 different groups
- ROUND Design Labels
   - Borders
   - Fruits
   - Generic
   - Holidays
   - Jams & Jellies
   - Sauces
   - Vegetables

- OVAL Design Labels
   - With Content Info
   - Blank with Borders

- RECTANGLE Design Labels
   - With Content Info
   - Blank with Borders

5. Use our canning labels on:
   - wide month (12 labels @ 2 1/2 inches each per sheet) canning lids
   - regular size (20 labels @ 2 inches per sheet) canning lids

   - oval labels (15 labels @
2 1/2 by 1 3/4 inches) for jars or crafts
   - rectangle labels (10 lablels @ 3 1/16 by 1 5/6 inches) for jars or crafts

6. Use our labels for other craft jar project (candles or cookies in a jar)
7. Apply canning labels easily with our peel & stick adhesive labels
8. Use our Fancy Top cloth jar covers to dress up your gift jars
8. Use secure online ordering
9. Get speedy service, orders are usually processed by the nest business day.
10. Be assured of the very best new moisture resistant high gloss photo finish quality on all of
      our round, oval & rectangle canning labels!

Click here to select from our large variety of personal and colorful canning labels
 and change your homemade gardening harvest into fantastic personalized gifts.



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